PCB Gasket 產品介紹


What is PCB Gasket?

PCB Gasket, which is also called SMD Gasket or SMT Gasket, is mounted on the circuit pattern or the ground pattern By SMT,and reflow soldering is available by solar cream. As an elastic & electrical contacts, PCB Gasket is useful for EMI countermeasure, electrical grounding, electrical contacts and it also offers cushion.

PCB Gasket has excellent properties of elasticity& conductivity. So it is not broken and no deformation like metal finger, and matched well with any frame at any PCB position.To make PCB Gasket, we adopted new materials and structures (patented).PCB Gasket can replace EMI Gasket (adhesive tape type), finger and dispensing gasket.Moreover, due to automatic pick up & reflow soldering, its production yield and reliability are very good.

    PCB Gasket 是Joinset產品一種貼片導電矽橡膠泡綿,外界通稱SMD Gasket或SMT Gasket實為同一產品。 它可用SMT自動或其他設備焊接或粘結於基材上。 此產品在回流焊接後仍具有良好的導電性和優良的彈性。本產品可做EMI屏蔽材料使用,也可作為機械緩衝墊。

    PCB Gasket的特點在於其優秀的彈力及回彈性能,不易發生變形且不易破壞。本材料應用時不僅提供優秀的導電特性,同時在收到外力衝擊時對基材表面的其他元件起到良好的保護作用,在同等行業具有領先地位,並獲得多個專利。本產品可替代常規的EMI墊片(用膠帶),銅彈簧片及塗料墊片,相比其他產品,本產品可使用SMT自動焊接, 大大提高了產量及可靠性。

Features 產品優勢

1.Due to reflow soldering, it has low contact resistance and strong adhesion strength.

2.Excellent elasticity& low compression force ( 20%~50%).

3.High production yield& Re-work available.

4.Various sizes from small to big.

5.Reliable products for mass production.

6.Halogen Free, EU-RoHS compliant, Non-flammable( over UL94V-1)

7.External tinned (Sn) to avoid Oxidation

  •  貼裝生產效率的提高(減少費用)

  •  可回流焊接、可再加工

  • 可焊接及跟的PCB板上有很好的接觸強度

  •  全球申請專利

 ✔ Comparison 同類產品比較

  •  低壓縮率(20%〜50%)具有優越的導電率性

  •  優良的阻燃性(UL-94 V-1級)

  •  環保產品(滿足歐盟RoHS及無鹵)

  •  外部鍍錫(Sn)的(防止氧化)

✔ Applications 產品應用

 應用:智能電話,汽車,電視, 平板電腦,液晶面板,電連接和接地導航

✔ Process of SMT Gasket 產品生產步驟圖示