Flexible EMI Absorber 產品介紹

1. What is Flexible EMI Absorber? 什麼是吸波材?

To solve problems caused by Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) for IT products (Smart Phone,Computer, Mobile product), and to maximize the recognition distance of NFC(Near Field Communication) and WPC(Wireless Phone Charger), Needs of EMI absorber is increasingly growing.

“Flexible EMI Absorber” is compounded of magnetic metal powder and polymer. It is good to use where inflexed or when bend. No dust produces when cutting. Production is provided with a Roll type and a Sheet type. Roll type production is a continuous manufacturing system, having great price competitiveness.

There are two type of Flexible EMI absorber ;

(1) MAF series, having high permeability to excellently absorb broadband EMI, is for EMI solution.

(2) MAR series, having superior properties in NFC and WPC frequency range, is for NFC, RFID,  WPC antenna.

吸波材: 可以解決電腦、智慧手機、移動產品等IT設備的電磁干擾問題。同時在增加NFC ( Near Field Communication) 的最大識別距離和無線手機充電 (Wireless Phone Charger) 方面被廣泛應用,目前電磁波吸波材的應用正在逐步增多。

“Flexible EMI Absorber” 是優秀的電磁波吸波材產品。 該產品用磁性粉末和高分子材料混合製作,產品柔軟易加工,可卷材提供,有很好的價格競爭力。Flexible EMI Absorber 分為兩個系列: MAF Series 和 MAR Series。

(1) MAF Series: 磁導率高,在很大帶寬上擁有優秀的電磁波吸收效果。

(2) MAR Series: 在13.56MHz ( RFID,NFC)頻段裡有優秀的增強電磁波能力。

2. Property特性

● Available in Roll type or Sheet type production

● Great Machinability

● No corrosion occurs with salt water spray

● No dust when cutting

● Excellent EMI absorption in broadband(MAF Series)

● Environmental friendly

● Superior properties in NFC, WPC(MAR series)

● Compounded sheet (Laminating Insulation or EMI shielding material layer) is available

● EU-RoHs. Halogen Free. Lead free

● 卷材製造,所以易加工及且有價格

● 廣泛的頻率裡有優越的電磁波吸收效果(10MHz~ 10GHz)

● 柔軟易加工

● 環保產品

● NFC裡優秀的電磁波吸收效果 (13.56MHz)

● 優越的電器絕緣性 (Min. 106Ωㆍcm)

● 裁切時無粉末脫落.

● 提供多樣的大小及形狀 (厚度0.05 ~ 0.5mm)

● EU-RoHS認證,無鹵素,無鉛)

3 Application 應用

● Antenna : NFC, RFID, WPC for Mobile Phone & Charger

● EMI Solution : Smart Phone, Tablet, Notebook, etc.

● ESD Protection

● 天線 : NFC, RFID, 手機無線充電

● EMI 方案 : 手機、電腦、筆記型電腦等.

● ESD 保護