Thermal Conductive Pad 產品介紹

Thermal Conductive Pad is high-performance, thermally conductive gap filling materials, mainly for the transmission interface between the electronic equipment and heat sink or product outer coving. Nice stickiness, flexible, good compression performance and excellent heat conductivity, make the products can discharge gas from the electronic original and heat sink, to achieve fully conforming and obviously cooling effect. Compared to common thermal conductive & insulating materials, Our product has certain stickiness which bring great convenience in the product installation processing, not easy to fall off and easy to operate.

Thermal Conductive Pad for PCB used on CUP,LED,PCB,DVD

Thermal Conductive Pad for PCB Features & benefits:

1.High reliability & High conductivity

2.High compressibility, soft and flexible

3.Natural stickiness, no extra surface frontal adhesives

4.Meet with the environmental requirements of ROHS and UL

How it works:

1. Transfer the hot heat to the outside interface

2. In the formation of their electrical insulation layer between the heat interface and electronic components

3. Materials, electronic components in the buffer to be subjected to severe shocks to form a protective

Application modes:

1.The filling between PCB and heat sink

2.The filling between IC and heat sink or product outer coving

3.The filling between IC and similar heatsink cooling materials