PCBN (Surface Mount Stopper / Supporter)

 ✔What is PCBN?

  PCBN, which adapted and used for LED Supporter or Stopper, is SMT (Reflow or wave soldering) compatible stopper consisting of thermally stable polymer and     solderable metal.

  Metal parts of PCBN are completely plated to prevent corrosion, and edge parts of PCBN are rounded to prevent any mechanical damage to any contacting     object.

  PCBN is used for preserve the distance between PCB and an object, and also used for PCB protection.


  1. Reflow Soldering or Wave soldering compatible.

  2. Edge is rounded.

  3. UL 94 V-0

  4. Metal is completely plated with Ni-Sn.

  5. Superior insulation (Volume Resistivity Min. 1.0 × 1013Ω-cm)

  6. Environmental friendly(EU-RoHS, Halogen Free).

✔ Applications

  • l Stopper and Holder for preserving the distance between LED bar and LGP( Light Guide Panel)

  • l Part for preserving the distance between PCB and an object.