ABOUT 關於亮典

ABOUT 關於亮典

亮典科技有限公司 (Lodestar Technology Co., Ltd) 於2010年6月1日設立登記。


公司奠基於誠信、負責、科技、創新的精神而成立。為了控制產品之可靠度、穩定性及滿足市場快速變動的趨勢,我們組織自己的行銷研發團隊,以先進的材料和技術,生產專業之過電壓保護元件。並擁有先進的成型技術和全尺寸系列產品,可應用在任何高精密度之電路組裝上,以符合客戶於線路保護上之應用。我們生產的高品質產品及良好的服務態度,己在業界建立良好的商譽 。

Joinset 產品應用客戶群(資料來自韓國Joinset官網)

Lodestar technology always tries the best to satisfy customers with high performance but competitive prices for EMI solution materials. Nowadays, Green has become the world's most important topics. Lodestar technology also upholds environmental protection that strikes a balance between business development and environmental protection issue. All of our products comply with environmental management system requirements and meet RoHS, REACH, UL standards, moreover, our products own the IEC hazardous Substance Management system Certification. Lodestar technology is worthy of your business partner.

Lodestar technology is established on the spirit of honesty, responsibility, technology and innovation. In order to control the reliability, stability and meet the rapidly changing market trends products. We organized our own marketing R & D team with advanced materials and technologies,specializing in the production of over-voltage protection devices. We have advanced laminated molding technology and full-size products can be applied to any circuit assembly of high precision to meet the client application to the line protection. Our stable quality, excellent service attitude and competitive prices have held a lot of customers and build an outstanding reputation.

We appreciate all your considerations on Lodestar technology.